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How to setup?

1. Register new Merchant account on AlliedWallet site:

Setup of Ecwid control panel

1. Go to Ecwid control panel/System Setting/Payment
2. Click Credit or debit card, Click "Change" link in "Payment processor" column next to selected payment method and choose "Credit Card: Authorise.Net SIM" from the list:

3. Fill in credentials for Authorize.Net SIM payment method in appeared popup window:

In "API Login Id" field, you will need the following from AlliedWallet:


You will need to put the following values in this order, seperated by | with NO SPACES (this is very important)

QuickpayID (from AW)|QuickpayPassword (from AW)|SiteID (from AW)|ECWID StoreNumber (From ECWID)|HashValue (can be anything, but MUST match MD5 Hash value on following line.


beequickpay|ver2000|3|ECWIDStore|this is a test

In "MD5 Hash Value" enter the previously created "Hash value" value in the last space in the API Login Id:

Click on "Advanced settings" and change the "Endpoint URL" to "":

4. Make sure that new payment method is enabled and save changes

5. You're Done!